Presentation Secondary School

Educating in Waterford since 1798

Presentation Secondary School, Waterford


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Presentation Secondary School Waterford is a Catholic school that strives to support students in their growth towards a greater understanding and awareness of their faith and the part that this plays in their lives.

Our primary objective is to provide an environment where students not only learn more about spirituality and the Catholic faith but also try to integrate their own spirituality into daily living. In attempting to cater for all students, Presentation Secondary School Waterford provides a great variety of experiences that support the student in developing their faith by creating an atmosphere of openness, acceptance and a willingness to search for meaning.
There is also an emphasis on Social Awareness developed throughout the years in the Presentation Secondary School

Staffing 2016/2017:

Coordinator of Religious Education: Liz Murphy

Religious Education Teachers:

Declan Murphy

Pauline O'Keeffe

Carol O'Shaughnessy