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Presentation Secondary School, Waterford

Senior Prefects
Presentation Waterford is especially proud of its successful prefect system. It provides students with the opportunity to involve themselves more thoroughly in the life of the school and develop their leadership potential. Prefects represent the school on formal occasions, and help out at important events such as 1st year assessment day, awards night and open night. They act as mentors for 1st year students and lead by example at all times. Prefects work to develop initiatives that raise school spirit. Prefects are essential to the smooth running of the school and work with the guidance of their Year Head and other members of staff.

Students who wish to apply for leadership positions as prefects, do so in January of 5th Year.

Senior Prefects 2019-2020:

Head Girl

Qetsia Pamelo

Deputy Head Girl

Grace Malone


Gráinne Browne

Eilis Cosgrove
Kim Dalton
Amanda Goma
Caoimhe Halligan
Bami Olukayode
Dawn O'Neill
Abbie Robinson
Dejana Stevanovic
Kate Thornton